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Our fellowship with other believers is precious. Besides attending church on Sunday to be fed and nourished with God’s Word, having real relationships with fellow Christians is vital if our faith is to grow; “Iron sharpens iron,” after all. But when life is busy, the temptation is to forego those relationships.

WBF’s CONNECT home groups exist to provide you the opportunity to grow your faith in an atmosphere of friendship focused on Christ - and beyond the meetings themselves, there’s no extra reading to do, unless you want to, because the discussions are based on Sunday’s sermon.

CONNECT groups are also how you can minister to others, and be ministered to. Group leaders are there to lead group members in caring for each other. If there’s a need for prayer, a hospital visit, or just a friendly ear to listen, that’s what CONNECT groups are all about.

The beauty of it all is that Christ is the focal point. Meditating together on Sunday morning’s passage, and what God has to say, points us to Christ, and in turn, encourages us to go back out into the world and share His love and truth. 

It's Easy to Join:
Even if it's the middle of a session, it's not too late to find a group. You can join anytime! Whether it's the beginning of the session, or somewhere in the middle, you'll be asked to commit to that group for the duration of the session.

CONNECT Coordinator: Pastor Scott Ferrell: