Staff Biographies

John was adopted at an early age and raised by two of the most loving folks a baby boy could be blessed with. He grew up in Youngstown, Ohio, in the tumultuous 1960’s and his world view was formed by those amazing times of change.

John met and married the love of his life, Kelly, in 1980. Two years later, he came to a knowledge of the saving grace of our Father through His only Son, Jesus Christ. They have two grown children, Ruth, who lives in Vermont with husband Todd and their devastatingly cute little girl, Sammi and their handsomely dashing son, Alistair; and Jason, who lives in Warrenton.

After spending over 30 years in retail management, most of them managing automobile dealerships, John was called to the ministry, joining the staff at WBF in 2002 as an intern. He became Executive Pastor in 2004 and Senior Pastor in 2005.

After attending John MacArthur’s Shepherd’s Conference in 2003, John became an expositor and has since dedicated his preaching ministry to the verse-by-verse teaching and preaching of the Bible. This high view of the authority of Scripture permeates all the teaching, preaching and counseling at WBF.

One of the greatest and most humbling honors John has ever had has been to serve the body of Christ as a pastor and a shepherd. He sees it as a wonderful gift of the grace and mercy of God. One of his most exciting blessings is to see people grow in their faith and in their understanding and application of the word of God. 

You’ll get a glimpse into John’s love of cars when you walk into his office and see part of his extensive collection of classic model cars. Too bad he won’t let the other pastors play with them. If you see him around town, you'll also see his love of coffee and fellowship. You can run into him at Panera, Chick Fil A, Starbucks...just about anywhere that offers free refills and wi-fi! If there's an empty seat across from him, sit down and have a cup!

Scott Website ResizePastor
Scott Ferrell

Scott joined the staff in August, 2011,  after leaving a 23-year career in journalism to answer the call to minister to God’s people in Warrenton.

It was during college at Washington & Lee University that Scott decided to embrace the faith in Jesus Christ that his parents had introduced him to growing up. He graduated in 1987 with a B.A. in journalism, and a minor in religion.

Married in 1988, Scott and his wife, Leslie, and two sons, Coy and Ramey, have been members of WBF since 2002. Prior to answering the call to full-time ministry, Scott served as a worship leader, graduated from WBF’s Apollos class, and began leading the high school Sunday School class. Scott oversees WBF’s CONNECT home group ministry, the worship team chilredn's ministry and the outreach ministry. He also preaches regularly on Sunday morning.

Another passion of Scott's is his model railroad, which is a work in progress. His love of trains began when he was a child traveling with his family through the coal fields of the Appalachians, watching the locomotives strain up the mountains with their heavy loads.

The Ferrells live in Jeffersonton.

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Administrator Diane Strang

Diane is one of those people for whom was composed the truism, “We couldn’t have done it without you.” She’s the go-to person for many aspects of our church life, the often unsung hero behind many of our ministries and efforts, and she works doggedly to assist our pastoral staff, elders, deacons and ministry leaders.

She’s been on staff since 2007, when she began working part-time between shifts driving a school bus in Culpeper County. She parked her bus for good in 2010 when the church’s needs grew, and she became a full-time staff member.

Diane came to the Lord at a Christmas Eve service in 1997. It was then that her spiritual eyes were opened. She realized that the only thing that could make her right before God was trusting in Jesus Christ and His work on the cross - not her religion or good works. She enjoys studying the scriptures and the continual growth that comes from time in the Word. She has been particularly impacted by Precept Bible study, and is thankful for how God reveals Himself through His word, continuing to open her eyes to His truth. She’s a graduate of WBF’s Apollos class, and a member of the worship team.

She and Jon were married in 1988, and they live in Culpeper County. They have two adult sons, Curtis and Dan who also live in Culpeper. When she’s not keeping the pastors organized and on time, she’s enjoys quiet time in the Word, volunteering for community events, and doing home projects with her husband.

Brenda Website ResizeFamily & Children's Ministry Brenda Frazier-Sellars

Brenda came on staff in June, 2016 after more than 30 years in corporate and federal government service. She worked in adminstration and management, finishing her career as a paralegal.

Born in Williamsport, PA, Brenda and her four siblings were preacher's kids, their father serving as a pastor for 50 years. But Brenda came to understand that she wasn't saved by her parents' experience.

While attending a youth camp when she was 11, Brenda heard a sermon on how Jesus could use people, and how they could come to Him just as they were. That's when she acknowledged the Lord and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that salvation comes through faith in Christ.

Ove the years at churches she's been a part of, Brenda has taught Sunday School, worked vacation Bible schools, and served as the Sunday School superintendent. She's also been a member of the choir, where she learned to love the great hymns of the church. Most recently, she graduated from the WBF Apollos class.

On March 28, 2013, Brenda and John were married in Denver, CO. Together they share six children, all grown and living elsewhere, except for son Andrew, and three grandchildren. Her love of family is shown within her home and in the many scrapbooks that she's created.